Certified Builders

Build or Buy With Confidence

GoVA partners with the best builders in the country who understand the needs of the military community and can work with you and your family to make building your dream home smooth and worry free.


GoVA supports our military families in their journey to build a home and increase wealth through real estate.

We have over 50 years of experience in real estate, new home construction, and home lending to provide you with a list of builders you can trust to build your family’s home. Your builder should understand your unique needs, values, and expectations. Our team has a vetted list of partners to ensure you get the service and support you need throughout the entire process.

What to Expect from a GoVA Certified Builder


Deep Experience

Experience working with military and Veteran families


Flexible Scheduling

Flexible appointments to accommodate your schedule, including virtual appointments


Continuing Education

Actively engaged in learning about BAH and VA programs that matter to you


Virtual Floor Plans

Offer virtual floor plans so you can make choices right from your current home

Featured Certified Builder Partners

Interested in Becoming a Certified Builder Partner?

Join a team of experienced professionals who understand what it takes to help military families build their dream home.

Want to Connect with a Builder Partner?

Connect with experienced builders that specialize in helping the military community and their families.

About Our Partnership with TowneBank Mortgage

At GoVA, we’re proud to partner with a lender that delivers peace of mind to those who have served and continue to serve our county. Together, GoVA and TowneBank Mortgage are committed to helping our military service members achieve their dreams of homeownership, as well as providing them with valuable resources along the way. As experienced lenders, TowneBank Mortgage understands the need for a quick and easy mortgage process, especially during life’s transitional moments. Headquartered in Norfolk, just miles from the world’s largest naval base, TowneBank Mortgage has had the honor of helping thousands of military families through their VA loan offerings. Their team is knowledgeable about VA products and the local market, and in-house operations allow them to respond to questions and concerns in a timely manner. Together, we can get you to closing in 30 days or less. Trust TowneBank Mortgage and GoVA loans to get you home.

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