The Edge: A New Interactive Money Resource for the Military

If you’re a service member, veteran, or military spouse, achieving financial wellness can be challenging. From frequent moves to deployments and transitions, the military lifestyle brings many unique money hurdles. That’s why GoVA created The Edge – an innovative online platform packed with personalized financial education tools and resources. 

The Edge is designed to empower the military community to take control of their finances and make smart money moves, no matter their situation or knowledge level. Best of all, it’s 100% free for those who serve thanks to scholarships provided by GoVA’s banking partners. 

What is The Edge?  

The Edge is an interactive financial education hub filled with courses, calculators, planning tools and more across over 100 money topics. Unlike static websites, The Edge uses smart technology to customize the experience for each user based on their individual financial assessment. 

This powerful personalization guides you through a learning roadmap tailored to your specific goals, pain points and level of financial literacy. No more guessing what content is relevant to your life! 

Key Features of The Edge: 

Money Mindfulness Section

Explore meditations, exercises and techniques to reduce money stress and achieve financial peace of mind. 

Multi-Media Courses

From getting out of debt to homebuying, these multimedia courses combine videos, activities and quizzes for an engaging learning experience. 

Interactive Tools

Easily map out your household budget through an intuitive slider interface, or calculate loan payments and weigh which decisions are best for you. 

XP and Rewards

The more you use The Edge, the more experience points you earn towards monthly giveaway drawings. 

Concierge Center

Call, email or chat online with the real people from the GoVA concierge team (staffed by military spouses and vets) for personalized support. 

Watch a 4-minute video on how to join The Edge for free as a military member (service member, Veteran, or spouse).

What Sets The Edge Apart?  

In the crowded landscape of financial education resources, The Edge stands out by being an unbiased, advertising-free zone. As Phil Jawny, GoVA’s CEO stated, “We’re not a financial institution. We’re not selling financial products, we don’t care who you use for your financial products.” The sole aim is to empower users with personalized knowledge. 

A key differentiator is The Edge’s smart, interactive content that adjusts to each user, unlike static “evergreen” blog posts and websites that never change. The platform’s courses, tools and resources are continuously updated by a team of financial experts to ensure accuracy. 

“A lot of the products and websites out there use what’s called evergreen content that can just stay static for a long period of time,” Jawny explained. “We get asked all the time, how are you updating The Edge? It’s from a team of people that are financial experts that their full-time job is to update content 24/7.” 

This keeps The Edge’s information fresh and compliant with the latest rules, laws and guidelines monitored by regulatory agencies supervising banks and finances across America. GoVA’s content meets all credentialing and educational standards set by these agencies. 

“It’s a very secure, content-driven environment for the user,” Jawny stated. “That’s a really big differentiator from some of the evergreen sites out there.” 

The Edge also stands apart through its personalized technology that customizes learning roadmaps for each individual’s finances, goals and knowledge level. This allows users to fully engage with relevant content tailored to their unique circumstances. 

Improving Financial Wellness & Mental Health

The link between financial and mental health is clear. Money issues like debt, lack of savings, and poor planning can fuel serious stress, anxiety and strained relationships. On the other hand, achieving financial security provides a sense of confidence and control.

The Edge equips the military community with personalized action plans and tools to reduce money stressors while building financial skills. This enhanced money mastery paves the way for improved overall well-being. As Lizann Lightfoot notes, “We really want to highlight that link between your overall mental wellness and your financial wellness.” 

Sign Up for Your Free Scholarship  

The Edge is available at no cost to service members, Veterans and military/Veteran spouses through GoVA’s scholarship program. Signing up takes just a few clicks at 

There’s no credit card required and no subscriptions or hidden fees. Just a wealth of personalized financial knowledge at your fingertips! 

If you’re ready to gain control of your finances and invest in your overall wellness, explore The Edge from GoVA today. With this innovative resource, achieving money mastery alongside the military community is just a click away. 

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